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Calling all entrepreneurs &
career-driven professionals who want to level up fast!

Are you prepared to evolve from conventional 'old school' practices and embrace a dynamic, adaptable 'new school' leadership style?

Now is the time for you to transform into the leader you've always aspired to be.

I help entrepreneurs and career-driven professionals become 'New School' leaders by providing my military-infused leadership coaching and training that crushes imposter syndrome and increases their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities gaining years of experience in less than 6 months, transforming them into productive, trusted leaders ready for any challenge.

Are you ready to become a 'New School CEO'?

The 3 pillars of my coaching program:
Revolutionizing Leadership: Becoming a 'New School CEO'

Your Design:
Reinforcing Your
Leadership Foundation

Modules 1-7 (7 Weeks)

You’re in a new leadership position, but you haven’t been trained for it. You feel unprepared and don’t know where to begin! Not to worry! We will do a number of things to reinforce your ‘New School CEO’ foundation…

  • Dive into the different levels of leadership, understand who you truly are as a leader, and master your leadership style and strengths to succeed in your current and future positions.
  • Develop simple, yet powerful techniques to motivate and properly manage your employees, so you can create a work environment that is positive and productive.
  • Instead of writing off challenging and difficult employees who lack growth and aren’t performing, work with them to develop their strengths, positive intelligence, and more, benefiting the employee and the entire organization. 
  • Building a growth mindset within yourself and your organization with positive intelligence.

Your Brand:
Solidifying Your Reputation as a Great Leader

Modules 8-11 (5 Weeks)

As you build your ‘New school’ leadership foundation, we will need to establish your brand by solidifying your reputation in various ways.

  • Continue to use your leadership foundation to improve the organization you are in now, building your leadership capabilities and your name as a game changer in your industry.
  • How to measure your organizational success and personal achievements for future positions.
  • Discover how to build relationships with the right people in the industry you want to reside in.
  • Learn how to leverage being a guest on industry and specialty-specific podcasts, to establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise.
  • Uncover how and where to network in all the right places to meet C-suite decision makers  you want to work with in the near future.

Your Dream Career:
When, Where & How
You Will Get There

Modules 12-15 (4 Weeks)

At this point in the program, you are executing your ‘New School’ leadership foundation superbly, making great strides for your organization, continue to solidify your reputation and establish your brand through sincere relationships.  This is when some soul searching needs to be done to determine:

  • Where your knowledge, skills and abilities are, and if they have progressed enough to equate to a number of years of experience. Once this is done we can progress to the following:
  • Entrepreneur or Employee Path?
  • What position and industry you want to end up in?
  • When you want to get there.
  • How you will not burn any bridges, keeping the reputation you have build in tact, and prove to your industry that you are a highly desirable executive-level leader or competent business owner.
  • Determine your income/salary range and benefits.
  • Negotiating and accepting the best offer.
  • Making the move!!

Meet Your Coach, Nikki Gianni...

Hello Fellow Leaders!

I hope you stopped by because you decided to invest in yourself by hiring a leadership coach/mentor. Well, be proud of yourself for taking the initiative, only about 25% of the population take charge of their professional development.

Selecting a Leadership Coach might be a little daunting at first, so I’ve provided some additional information about my background, including my qualifications & personal information, on the “About” page to assist you with your decision. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have. I will always make time for you!

I look forward to speaking with you to determine if working together will be the right fit to address your challenges and accomplish your goals.

Sincerely, Nikki

Why Work With Me?


I was an award winning senior leader with the Department of Defense for over 15 years. I turned organizations that were zeros into heroes, exponentially increasing retention and performance.

Certified Coach & Instructor

I'm a Certified Coach in Life, Organizational Development, Transformation, Confidence, Career, Employee Performance, and Business Fundamentals. I'm also an Air Force certified collegiate-level training instructor who's been teaching for 18 years.

25 Years of Experience

25 Years of military experience equates to integrity first, service before self and excellence in all you do, outstanding change management skills, the ability to get along with just about anyone, and being able to see things that others don't thanks to "a fresh set of eyes."

Highly-Developed Leadership Strengths

My top 5 strengths: Strategic, Futuristic, Individualization, Activator, and Positivity. These are great strengths for leading, coaching, and a growth mindset. Not to mention, they are great to help you determine yours!

Do you have trouble saying no at work? 

Being able to say no is essential to keeping
your sanity, health, and overall well-being!

Sara Knight tells us about how she feels about the value of saying no.

*This video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.



How Can I Help You?

I provide one-on-one personalized services for clients like you anywhere in the world, empowering them to be outstanding, heart-led leaders in their professional and personal lives.

One-on-One Coaching

Through my program, Revolutionizing Leadership: Becoming a ‘New School CEO’, we will focus on your individual goals, challenges, and aspirations, and develop a personalized plan that helps you move forward with purpose and direction. We will delve into your strengths, values, and passions, and explore how they align with your professional and personal goals as a leader.

Speaking Engagements

If you would like me to be a guest on your podcast, at an event, or be a guest on another medium, I would love to! Please go to my “Speaking” page to put in a request. 

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