My First Post!

Two women, one acting as a leadership architect and the other as an HR coach, posing for a selfie in front of an arena.


Since this is my first blog for Nikki Gianni Coaching, I think it’s important I briefly introduce myself. I’m Nikki Gianni. I must say, I am super excited to be here…I’ve been waiting to start my own business for years, and after some trial and error, it’s exciting that the time has finally come.
The purpose of this blog is to share information about anything that could be useful to my clients…career-driven professionals, who are new to leadership positions and could use some help.
I look forward to sharing what I know and will discover with you, as well as your thoughts on my posts and what you would like to see.
Now that you know who I am and who my clients are, I will sign off with a photo. This is my son Lex and I at the Coliseum in Rome August 2022. We went on a cruise to Italy and Greece for his high school graduation. Congrats Lex, you made it!
If you think a leadership coach would be helpful in your life, please contact me at or 805-265-3275 for a no-obligation, free strategy session to determine if we are a good fit or just have some questions. Thanks for reading, have a fantastic day!

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Nikki Gianni

The Leadership Architect™, Leadership Coach Nikki Gianni, was born & raised in Queens, New York. She has lived all over the country, currently living in Southern California with her 19-year-old son. Nikki spent 25 years with the Department of Defense in acquisition as an active-duty member and a civil servant. She was an award-winning executive-level leader for over 15 years and transformed organizations from zeros to heroes in record time, resulting in outstanding retention and performance. Nikki became a leadership coach and mentor to share her love of leading and to support new leaders reach their full potential as quickly as possible by providing them with the knowledge, training, and coaching they need to perform successfully with the decisive confidence every great leader needs.