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Ways to Work with Me

As The Leadership Architect, clients choose to work with me in a variety of ways.  From private and group coaching, to business intensives, there’s bound to be a fit for your specific leadership development needs. If you aren’t sure what is the best fit for you, please contact me by clicking the contact button so we can get together to figure it out.  

Program Pricing

The 3 Pillars of my Coaching Program:
Revolutionizing Leadership: Becoming a 'New School' Leader
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Your Design:
Reinforcing Your
Leadership Foundation

Modules 1-7 (7 Weeks)

You’re in a new leadership position, but you haven’t been trained for it. You feel unprepared and don’t know where to begin! Not to worry! We will do a number of things to reinforce your ‘New School CEO’ foundation…

  • Dive into the different levels of leadership, understand who you truly are as a leader, and master your leadership style and strengths to succeed in your current and future positions.
  • Develop simple, yet powerful techniques to motivate and properly manage your employees, so you can create a work environment that is positive and productive.
  • Instead of writing off challenging and difficult employees who lack growth and aren’t performing, work with them to develop their strengths, positive intelligence, and more, benefiting the employee and the entire organization. 
  • Building a growth mindset within yourself and your organization with positive intelligence.
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Your Brand:
Solidifying Your Reputation as a Great Leader

Modules 8-11 (5 Weeks)

As you build your ‘New school’ leadership foundation, we will need to establish your brand by solidifying your reputation in various ways.

  • Continue to use your leadership foundation to improve the organization you are in now, building your leadership capabilities and your name as a game changer in your industry.
  • How to measure your organizational success and personal achievements for future positions.
  • Discover how to build relationships with the right people in the industry you want to reside in.
  • Learn how to leverage being a guest on industry and specialty-specific podcasts, to establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise.
  • Uncover how and where to network in all the right places to meet C-suite decision makers  you want to work with in the near future. 
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Your Dream Career:
When, Where & How
You Will Get There

Modules 12-15 (4 Weeks)

At this point in the program, you are executing your ‘New School’ leadership foundation superbly, making great strides for your organization, continue to solidify your reputation and establish your brand through sincere relationships.  This is when some soul searching needs to be done to determine:

  • Where your knowledge, skills and abilities are, and if they have progressed enough to equate to a number of years of experience. Once this is done we can progress to the following:
  • Entrepreneur or Employee Path?
  • What position and industry you want to end up in?
  • When you want to get there.
  • How you will not burn any bridges, keeping the reputation you have build in tact, and prove to your industry that you are a highly desirable executive-level leader or competent business owner.
  • Determine your income/salary range and benefits.
  • Negotiating and accepting the best offer.
  • Making the move!!

"Your Design" Pillar Price: $2,997

"Your Brand"Pillar Price: $2,997

"Your Career" Pillar Price: $1,497

Revolutionizing Leadership Program (All 3 Pillars) Price: $4,997
Discounted $994...Separately Priced at $5,991
Both Prices Include:

🗓️Weekly One-on-One coaching sessions with Me, Nikki🗓️
-- And -
📱3 of my eBooks:📱

FREE Leadership foundations playbook.
The FREE leadership architect career coaching workbook.
The FREE leadership mindset workbook.

The Leadership Foundations Playbook

The Career Coaching Workbook

The Leadership Mindset Workbook

Since the world desperately needs ‘New School’ Leaders,
those who purchase 2 or more pillars of the program, will receive the Elite VIP Package, which includes:

Massive Bonuses!

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$2997 Value

VIP Half-Day Before Kickoff

We will evaluate/discuss your current situation, what you want out of the program, and get you some immediate actions to take before we even start the program!

$997 Value

Weekly Group Coaching Call

12 more interactions & a support community.

$1997 Value

Full access to me on Whatsapp

Full access via text on WhatsApp.  I will answer you within a few hours, if not immediately, for the duration of your program.

You will receive $5,991 in bonuses when at least 2 of the Revolutionizing Leadership Program Pillars are purchased. 

You can see a complete breakdown of the program by week under the Services Dropdown Menu tab “Signature Program.” 

This offer will only be available for a limited time.

The leadership architect daily planner with pricing.
Whether you have already decided you are all in,
or you are still on the fence,
I have a number of other options for you to explore...

Group Coaching


Half-Day Intensive


Full-Day Intensive


Nikki Gianni, a leadership architect, offers a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee for her leadership programs.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, you’re more than welcome to a full refund!
Please contact me at 917-698-6971 or email me at nikki@nikkigianni.com, I will get back to you in 24 hours or less.
Thank you!

Have questions? I have answers!

That’s not a problem at all!  You are here right now because you are in need of assistance in your current situation.  While it can be easier to implement the program when you are just stepping into your new leadership position, you most definitely can utilize this program if you have been in place for a while.  We can work around that and address any issues you experience if/when they arise.

After I get your information from your intake form, we will have our call to ensure we are a good fit. Once we that has been determined, we will set up a regularly scheduled time and day, and how to meet. I prefer Zoom so we can see each other (you can sign up for a free account at zoom.com). You may have “homework” to complete for a session that will help you progress. We will discuss it prior to it being assigned. An example would be taking a personality strengths test. Progressing through each week, you will see changes in your leadership skills and capabilities so you can accomplish your goals!

During our initial Strategy Session, we will expand on what you shared on the intake form you just completed, discussing what keeps you up at night and what you would like to gain from the coaching experience. Once we determine if I can help you achieve your goals, we will discuss the different options you have to do so. If we decide to move forward, we will schedule our sessions. Easy!

Once we get into regular sessions, expect to follow a similar flow during every session/call:

  1. We will go over the topic and goal for the session,
  2. The topic’s meaning to you,
  3. Determine how that session will be a success, and then,
  4. Do the session.

Yes!  While it is preferred you pay in full at the beginning of the program, I can offer a payment plan if it is easier for you financially. We can discuss this during our strategy session.

I have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the coaching I am providing, you can request a refund and I will return your money to you. 

Schedule a strategy session with me ASAP!  I can answer all of your questions and more during the session.

Not to worry!  If you need anything, you can reach out to me at help@nikkigianni.com.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.  If it is an emergency, you will have my personal mobile number to call or text when necessary. 

Why Work With Me?


I was an award winning senior leader with the Department of Defense for over 15 years. I turned organizations that were zeros into heroes, exponentially increasing retention and performance.

Certified Coach & Instructor

I'm a Certified Coach in Life, Organizational Development, Transformation, Confidence, Career, Employee Performance, and Business Fundamentals. I'm also an Air Force certified collegiate-level training instructor who's been teaching for 18 years.

25 Years of Experience

25 Years of military experience equates to integrity first, service before self and excellence in all you do, outstanding change management skills, the ability to get along with just about anyone, and being able to see things that others don't thanks to "a fresh set of eyes."

Highly-Developed Leadership Strengths

My top 5 strengths: Strategic, Futuristic, Individualization, Activator, and Positivity. These are great strengths for leading, coaching, and a growth mindset. Not to mention, they are great to help you determine yours!

A blue ball on a pendulum swinging against a peaceful gray background.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact remains in your absence.

Once we start working together, your ability to improve those you lead will be a reality and the improvements will remain when you are gone.

Interested? Schedule a Strategy Session Below!

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