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Are You Ready to Become a
Great Leader In less than 6 months?!

                  For Leaders Interested in:

  • Increasing productivity across the board
  • Understand your strengths and how to use them to your advantage in every part of your life
  • Discovering new leadership techniques, skills, and abilities to manage your employees well while impressing your peers and leadership 
  • Obtaining a high level of trust and confidence in your leadership capabilities from your employees, peers and leaders
  • Taking great care of your employees = strong morale and retention

Look no further, you are in the right place!

How it works:
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Initial Consultation

We will start with an initial consultation to discuss your goals, challenges, and aspirations, and to determine how coaching can support you on your journey.
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Coaching Program & Sessions

We will meet regularly for both group and one-on-one coaching sessions to work through the steps outlined in your coaching program.  
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Support & Accountability

Between coaching sessions, I will provide support and accountability to help you stay on track and make progress towards your goals.

Before I tell you about all the great content you will be getting,
let me tell you who this program is for...

This program is for entrepreneurs and career-driven professionals who are:

This program is not for someone who:

Now that we got that out of the way,
Here's all the great content you will receive:

The 3 pillars of The Leadership Revolution: Becoming a 'New School CEO'
A chalkboard with the word leadership written on it by Nikki Gianni, a leadership architect.

Your Design:
Building Your Leadership Foundation

Modules 1-7 (7 Weeks)

You’ve got a new leadership position but you haven’t been trained for it or you are and entrepreneur with new hires. You’re unprepared and don’t know where to begin! Not to worry! We will do a number of things to build your ‘New School CEO’ foundation…

  • Discover the different levels of leadership, understand who you truly are as a leader, and master your leadership style and strengths to succeed in your current and future positions.
  • Develop simple, yet powerful techniques to motivate and properly manage your employees, so you can create a work environment that is positive and productive.
  • Instead of writing off challenging and difficult employees who lack growth and aren’t performing, work with them to develop their strengths, positive intelligence, and more, benefiting the employee and the entire organization. 
  • Building a growth mindset within yourself and your organization with positive intelligence.
A man, coached by Nikki Gianni, confidently draws the word "brand" on a piece of paper.

Your Brand:
Solidifying Your Reputation as a Great Leader

Modules 8-11 (5 Weeks)

As you build your ‘New school’ leadership foundation, we will need to establish your brand by solidifying your reputation in various ways.

  • Continue to use your leadership foundation to improve the organization you are in now, building your leadership capabilities and your name as a game changer in your industry.
  • How to measure your organizational success and personal achievements for future positions.
  • Discover how to build relationships with the right people in the industry you want to reside in.
  • Learn how to leverage being a guest on industry and specialty-specific podcasts, to establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise.
  • Uncover how and where to network in all the right places to meet C-suite decision makers  you want to work with in the near future.
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Your Dream Career:
When, Where & How
You Will Get There

Modules 12-15 (4 Weeks)

At this point in the program, you are executing your ‘New School’ leadership foundation superbly, making great strides for your organization, continue to solidify your reputation and establish your brand through strong, advantageous, sincere relationships.  This is when some soul searching needs to be done to determine:

  • Where your knowledge, skills and abilities are, and if they have progressed enough to equate to approximately 10 years of experience. Once this is done we can progress to the following:
  • Entrepreneur or Employee Path?
  • What position and industry you want to end up in?
  • When you want to get there.
  • How you will not burn any bridges, keeping the reputation you have build in tact, and prove to your industry that you are a highly desirable executive-level leader or competent business owner.
  • Determine your income/salary range and benefits.
  • Negotiating and accepting the best offer.
  • Making the move!!

The Leadership Revolution: Becoming a 'New School CEO'
Pillar #1: Your Design

Modules 1-7 (7 Weeks)

A notebook with the words personality type goals strengths.

Module One:
Your Coaching Goals, Personality Type & Strengths

Are you clear on what you want from your coaching experience? Do you know what your true strengths are? In this module, you will solidify your coaching goals, gain clarity on your personality type and leadership strengths, and begin the path to mastering using them to lead and live your life overall.


  • Uncover your goals and what you want from the coaching experience.
  • Understand your personality type and strengths.
  • Learn how to master your strengths and maximize your personality type.
A group of people standing together.

Module Two:
The 5 Levels of Leadership

Do you know what kind of leader you are yet? What about the leaders leading you? Is everyone where you think they should be? In this module, we will explore the different leadership levels and determine where you and your current leaders are and where you want to be to succeed in your current and future positions.


  • Understand the five levels of leadership.
  • Discover how to apply this knowledge to you and your situation.
  • Establish goals for your current position.
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A measuring tape with the word success on it, serving as a tangible program signature.

Module Three:
Expectations & How to Measure Success

How many supervisors have set expectations for you? Isn’t it easier to perform when they did and the exact opposite when they didn’t?  In this module, you will develop expectations for your employees and expectations your employees should have for you and how to document it all for your people & for your own success without sounding like you are arrogant or boastful. 


  • Understand the role of expectations.
  • Create expectations for your employees & documenting accomplishments (or issues).
  • How to write or talk about yourself without feeling funny or like you are bragging by creating your own expectations to share with your employees.
  • Various measurement techniques and documenting accomplishments.
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Module Four:
Feedback & The Growth Mindset

All good leaders provide constant feedback to their folks, both good and bad, and maintain a growth mindset. In this module, we will demystify how to give feedback and keep a growth mindset and how important both are to building a thriving organization.


  • Learn how to provide feedback.
  • Practice providing feedback.
  • Understand the growth mindset concept.
  • Gain clarity on how to cultivate it within your organization.
A man and woman sitting at a desk in an office.

Module Five:
Consequences & Ethics

How often have you seen people “get away with murder” at work? What were the effects on the employee and the people they worked with? In this module, we will explore establishing consequences, how to use them positively, and pinpoint the effects on the organization if not used or applied correctly.


  • Explore how to enforce expectations.
  • Understand the role of ethics in the workplace.
  • Learn how to use consequences positively.
  • Understand the effects on the organization if consequences are not used or appropriately used.
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Module Six:
Growth & Positive Intelligence

When people don’t grow, it can hurt the employee and the organization. They will either leave or get restless and become unproductive. In this module, we will gain clarity on the importance of growth and positive intelligence and how to promote both to the maximum extent possible, resulting in a happy & successful organization.


  • Learn how to set performance goals.
  • Understand how goals promote & improve employee self-esteem.
  • Master why and how to focus on employee strengths.
  • Explore developing niches for your employees & the benefits of niches.
  • Understand positive intelligence & how to cultivate it in the workplace.
A woman writing on a white board in an office.

Module Seven:
Your Design Implementation & What's Next

Now that you have several essential tools in your leadership and management toolbox, in this module, we will ensure any questions on Your Design you have are addressed. We will also explore how they can be used in your personal life, making the most of your new knowledge.


  • Ensure a true understanding of the new tools learned over the last 7 weeks
  • Explore how these tools can also be used in your personal life.
  • Create an implementation plan for your organization to begin building your reputation.

The Leadership Revolution: Becoming a 'New School CEO'
Pillar #2: Your Brand

Modules 8-11 (5 Weeks)

A SEO word cloud showcasing the importance of reputation management in a Signature Program.
A group of people at a business event networking and discussing SEO strategies for their Signature Program.

Module Eight:
Building Your Reputation & Networking

Now that you have exponentially increased your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities during the “Your Design” Pillar, we will continue to solidify your reputation. Your reputation is everything in the professional world, so we will take the necessary steps to make sure yours is golden.  Additionally, we will discuss Networking.  You might be asking yourself how important is networking anyway?  Well, it is a necessary activity to progress in your career or business because, building relationships is everything.


  • Discover how to get noticed by the right people.
  • Determine what extracurricular activities you want to participate in where you can obtain a leadership role or have a high potential for one.
  • Learn how to network while you work and play, you never know when an opportunity is going to present itself, and where the best places to network for your area of expertise.
  • Tools to assist you in your networking journey. 
A group of business people participating in a Signature Program, holding hands in a circle.

Module Nine:
Building Relationships

How many times havc you heard, “It’s all about relationships?” Well, whoever said that to you was right!  You can perform like no other, but if you don’t have good relationships with people, you won’t get very far.


  • Understand what kind of relationships are necessary for success.
  • Determine how to judge the strength and boundaries of a relationship.
  • What you need to do to be in a good relationship and maintain it.
A woman is speaking into a microphone in front of a laptop, discussing SEO keywords and her Signature Program.

Module Ten:
Guest Podcasting to Become a Thought Leader (2 Weeks)

You can be as creative as you like when building your personal brand…being a guest on podcasts in your field and  industry is one of those ways to really establish yourself as a thought leader in your community.  This module will discuss how to accomplish this and have a great time while you are doing it! 


  • Understanding the lingo.
  • How to chose and reach out to podcasters.
  • Determine what you want to talk about as a guest.
The word progress is spelled out on a wooden board as part of our Signature Program.

Module Eleven:
Are You Ready for the Dream Career Pillar?
Your Design/Brand Implementation & What's Next

Are you ready for your dream career yet?  This module will tell us just that.  We will review your progress over the last 11 weeks…


  • How you feel about your progress.
  • Do we agree that you are ready to keep going or need to review anything. 
  • Clarify any specific challenges or sticking points you have encountered.
  • Receive support to adjust your plan if necessary.

The Leadership Revolution: Becoming a 'New School CEO' Pillar #3: Your Dream Career

Modules 12-15 (4 Weeks)

It's time for a new job. With my expertise in programming and a unique signature approach to problem-solving, I am ready to embark on an exciting career change.

Module Twelve:
Position and Industry

Well, congratulations!  You made it to the Dream Career Pillar!  So now what?  Let’s start with the basics…what do you want??  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a “wannabe”, or desire an employee path, this is where you need to make some decisions.


  • What positions have you been considering?
  • Do you want to go the entrepreneur route or the employee route?
  • What industries and business models sound appealing to you?
  • How to research positions, organizations, business opportunities.
A woman gracefully takes a leap over a cliff, challenging herself in the pursuit of her signature job.
A hand holding a word cloud with the word referrals, highlighting a program.

Timing & Referrals

So, now that you have a good idea if you want to take an entrepreneurial or employee route, and what industry that route is in, you need to make a few more decisions. Hey, it’s part of being a leader, get used to it!  Referrals are a necessary evil in today’s job and business markets, particularly in the world you are interested in…the world where you can make substantially more and work from home in a hybrid or fully remote format as an entrepreneur or employee.


  • In order to not burn any bridges, deciding when to move on to your new position or venture is a very important data point. We will discuss the situation so you can determine your best path forward.
  • How to obtain referrals for the dream job or customers you are looking for without knowing a million people.
Two business people shaking hands at a desk, finalizing a signature program.
The word income spelled out in wooden letters on a green background as part of our Signature Program.

Module Fourteen:
Salary or Income Requirements & Accepting the Best Offer

You are in the home stretch now!  You have interviewed for the jobs you wanted and/or have done all of the market research for your own business, now it’s time to, yep, you guessed it, make more big decisions!


  • Know your salary range and how to negotiate it.
  • Entrepreneurs: determine how much revenue you need every month.  
  • How to research positions & organizations for employment or purchase/partnering.
A group of business people holding boxes in an office as part of their Signature Program.

Module Fifteen:
Your Dream Career Implementation
Making the Move & What's Next

Well, congratulations!  You made it to the end of the program!  So now what?  Strategic thinking is essential here or you could negate all the hard work you have already done.  You must carefully consider when you want to make the move to leave your “Old School” role and begin your ‘New School’ CEO-bound new position! 


  • When to leave your current role and how to do it with class.
  • What’s next for you after program completion, create a plan for the next 6 months.
The signature program for leadership architects with a focus on daily planning and SEO strategies.


The first 100 leaders who sign up for The Leadership Revolution: Becoming a New School CEO’ will receive this custom leadership planner absolutely free!

I created this planner because no other planners on the market had what I wanted to get and stay organized…

  • It’s not dated and 100% CUSTOMIZABLE in canva! If you need help, just reach out to planner@nikkigianni.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Each day has 4 pages: the Calendar, Accomplishments & Notes, Journal & Ideas, and a To-Do List, providing you plenty of room to keep everything in one place.
  • All of the same tasks you do every day are listed so you don’t have to write them down every day and forget to do them.

If you follow through with the program's tenets & truly give it your all,
when you graduate, this is the start of what you will be able to achieve:

1. Build your leadership confidence!

Even before your 4 months are complete, you will feel confidence like you never have before, adios imposter syndrome! Knowledge is power. When you have the power of knowledge, your confidence soars!

2. Gain confidence and trust from the people you work with.

Understand the keys to gaining the trust of those around you quickly by being yourself. There aren’t any tricks to this, you just have to know what people need, and I will tell you.

3. Build a growth mindset with your people.

Truly fathom the importance of a growth mindset within an organization and how to build one, even with naysayers in your midst.  I’ll tell you how to not only prove them wrong and get them on board too!

4. Get and stay organized and effective immediately.

Have you ever been at the whim of an unorganized, frazzled person?  It makes you frazzled too, right?  I will coach you on how to get and stay organized and how to teach others to do the same.  The more organized you are, the smoother and more productive you and your organization will be. 

5. Lead difficult and challenging people at every level well.

You will discover how to lead difficult and challenging employees, as well as lead your clients, and customers as an entrepreneur, or up the chain with your supervision and lead across to your peers as a professional working in an organization, there will always be challenges at all levels of any organization…you will be prepared for them.

6. See the issues most cannot and know how to address them.

Being the “new boss” isn’t a bad thing at all, as long as you know how to use this status to benefit the organization. I will explain why it’s so important and show you how to do it.

7. Learn what your greatest strengths are and how to use them.

You will take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment before our first meeting so we can start your program off with a bang by learning your greatest strengths and use this priceless data throughout our time together and for the rest of your leadership journey!

8. Establish your personal brand, solidifying your reputation.

Have you ever been at the whim of an unorganized, frazzled person?  It makes you frazzled too, right?  I will coach you on how to get and stay organized and how to teach others to do the same.  The more organized you are, the smoother and more productive you and your organization will be. 

9. Becoming a thought leader via guest appearances on podcasts.

That are listened to by your target audience, whether they are potential customers or networking avenues. Be a guest on the podcasts of your industry, be able to speak directly to your target audience, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise at no cost to you.

10. Have exactly what it takes to obtain your dream career.

Whether you become a new school CEO of an employer, or through entrepreneurship. I will make all of my resources available to you to do the best planning and consideration as possible. Including negotiation techniques for anything from salary to determining how much revenue you will need to suit your standard of living, terms of employment, or terms with a partner, how to structure your processes/infrastructure, etc.

If you don't follow through with the program tenets & give it your all, if you complete this program, this is what you can expect to achieve: Yep, you guessed it...so don't do that!😊

Have questions? I have answers!

That’s not a problem at all!  You are here right now because you are in need of assistance in your current situation.  While it can be easier to implement the program when you are just stepping into your new leadership position, you most definitely can utilize this program if you have been in place for a while.  We can work around that and address any issues you experience if/when they arise.

After I get your information from your intake form, we will have our call to ensure we are a good fit. Once we that has been determined, we will set up a regularly scheduled time and day, and how to meet. I prefer Zoom so we can see each other (you can sign up for a free account at zoom.com). You may have “homework” to complete for a session that will help you progress. We will discuss it prior to it being assigned. An example would be taking a personality strengths test. Progressing through each week, you will see changes in your leadership skills and capabilities so you can accomplish your goals!

During our initial Strategy Session, we will expand on what you shared on the intake form you just completed, discussing what you would like to gain from the coaching experience. Once we determine if I can help you achieve your goals, we will discuss the different options you have to do so. If we decide to move forward, we will schedule our sessions. Easy!

Once we get into regular sessions, expect to follow a similar flow during every session/call:

  1. We will go over the topic and goal for the session,
  2. The topic’s meaning to you,
  3. Determine how that session will be a success, and then,
  4. Do the session.

Yes!  While it is preferred you pay in full at the beginning of the program, I can offer a payment plan if it is easier for you financially. We can discuss this during our strategy call.

I have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the coaching I am providing, you can request a refund and I will return your money to you. 

Schedule a strategy call with me ASAP!  I can answer all of your questions during the call.

Not to worry!  If you need anything, you can reach out to me at help@nikkigianni.com.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.  If it is an emergency, you will have my personal mobile number to call or text when necessary. 

Nikki Gianni, a leadership architect, offers a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee for her leadership programs.

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