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Award Winning

I was an award winning senior leader with the Department of Defense for over 15 years. I turned organizations that were zeros into heroes, exponentially increasing retention and performance.

Certified Coach & Instructor

I'm a Certified Coach in Life, Organizational Development, Transformation, Confidence, Career, Employee Performance, and Business Fundamentals. I'm also an Air Force certified collegiate-level training instructor who's been teaching for 18 years.

25 Years of Experience

25 Years of military experience equates to integrity first, service before self and excellence in all you do, outstanding change management skills, the ability to get along with just about anyone.

Gift of Leadership Strengths

My top 5 strengths: Strategic, Futuristic, Individualization, Activator, and Positivity. These are great strengths for leading, coaching, and a growth mindset!

I've worked with & led the best of the best. Now it's time for you to join them...

Work with me, and we will elevate your leadership skills and abilities to the next level, leading to career progression and job satisfaction, joining the best of the best!

Let’s Work Together

If you would like me to be a guest on your podcast, show, or speak at your event, drop me a line and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. Please be as specific as possible. Thank you!

Shows I've Been a Guest On...17 and Counting! 😉

The Speaking casa de confianza podcast with Julie Deluca Collins.

Casa de Confidence with Julie Delucca-Collins

A Conversation with Nikki Gianni About Leadership


Awaiting Publication.

Rachel Rose, a self-made and single woman, will be speaking.

Self Made & Single with Rachel Rose

A Conversation with Nikki Gianni About Business & Dating


Awaiting Publication.

Empower her money through speaking engagements with Angela Duranan.

Empower Her Money with Angela Duncan

The Foundation of Productivity in Leadership with Nikki Gianni

Join host Angela as she interviews Nikki Gianni, the Leadership Architect, in this episode of the Empower HER Money Podcast. Nikki, with 25 years of leadership experience, shares insights on how trust is the key to productivity. She discusses her strategies for quickly building trust, addresses challenges like micromanagement, and highlights the unique aspects of trust in female leadership. Tune in for practical tips on creating a culture of trust in the workplace and boosting productivity. Don’t miss this empowering conversation! 

A flyer for Nikki Giannini's freedom coaching and speaking services.

Victory Mindset Academy’s Freedom Coaching Live with Coach Raja Vaidya

The ‘New School’ Leader (CEO): What is It and Why You Should Care with Nikki Gianni


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Success Unlimited with Tom Simmons

Revolutionizing Leadership with Nikki Gianni

In this Success Unlimited Podcast episode, Tom Simmons converses with Nikki Gianni, a leadership architect and transformational coach. Nikki discusses her approach to empowering entrepreneurs and professionals, blending heart-led principles with military-inspired coaching. She shares insights from her extensive experience, including 25 years in the military and award-winning leadership roles in the Department of Defense.

The episode focuses on Nikki’s unique methods for developing ‘New School Leaders’ and her coaching program, Revolutionizing Leadership: Becoming a ‘New School CEO.’ For more details about Nikki Gianni and her work, visit her website at 

The speaking coach for executives.

The Courage Coach with Sam Heninger

A conversation about leadership with Nikki Gianni


Awaiting Publication.

The Speaking mentor studio logo.

The Mentor Studio with Jonathan Troen

The ‘New School’ CEO Concept & The Hidden Key to Productivity with Nikki Gianni

Discussed subject topics. Nikki Gianni shared what her ‘New School’ CEO concept is and what the key to building trust is and how to do it!

Awaiting Publication.

A woman in a blue shirt speaking on the beach.

Purpose to Profit Academy Expert Speaker Series with Tatiana Ivanova

Trust: The Hidden Key to Productivity 

In this interview Nikki and I are talking about trust as the hidden key to productivity. Without trust we are dead in the water, simply because you need to establish trust with practically everyone you encounter at some level to accomplish what you want in life. If you are looking to build your employees’, leaders’, and peers’ confidence and trust in you effortlessly, you have come to the right place. Nikki Gianni is sharing what the key to building trust is and how to do it!

Start conversing with Catherine Clark, encouraging speaking.

Kickstart the Conversation with Catharine O’Leary

Masterminds Unleashed: Trust-Based Leadership and Self-Accountability  

Join us for an engaging conversation with leadership coach Nikki Gianni. Here’s what we discussed: 

  • Trust Matters in Leadership: Nikki outlines three upcoming podcast episodes on trust’s role in leadership and growth mindsets.
  • The Power of Lead Magnets: We explore aligning lead magnets with audience preferences and the potential for a pop-up podcast with workbooks.
  • Challenges in Self-Leadership: Nikki and Catharine discuss self-leadership, setting goals, and staying accountable as solopreneurs.
  • Trust, Fun, and Celebrating: The importance of trust in productivity is highlighted, along with the joy of celebrating the small and big wins.
The speaking entrepreneur podcast with two women and a microphone.

Empowered Entrepreneur with Vanessa Siliezar 

Unlocking Success: The Power of Trust and Adaptability 

Today, we’re joined by Nikki Gianni, a renowned business leader known for her exceptional insights into trust and productivity.  Summarizing Nikki’s invaluable advice for aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore how trust shapes business relationships, influences decision-making, and fuels the entrepreneurial spirit. Nikki’s unique approach to overcoming challenges and fostering productivity is not just inspiring but a testament to the power of trust in the entrepreneurial journey.

A speaking poster for rewriting reality featuring Nikki Glam.

Rewriting Reality, Breakthrough Show Network with Shiraz Baboo

Becoming a Highly Capable, Confident Leader 

Nikki provides career-driven professionals new to management leadership coaching and training that will drastically accelerate their progress by addressing topics like how to crush imposter syndrome and building confidence by increasing their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities, resulting in the ability to be a productive, trusted, relatable leader in 60 days.

6 figure podcast rebels with Britney Chetwood featuring leadership and leadership coaching discussions.

6 Figure Podcast Rebels with Brittany Chetyrbok

The Importance of Trust in Leadership and How to Herd Cats, leading difficult individuals 

Brittany was joined by special guest Nikki Gianni, an experienced coach and former military leader. They discuss the importance of trust in leadership, how to lead difficult individuals, and 5 strategies to use when confronting one of these challenging employees.             

Awaiting Publication.

The executive lounge - high powered women in leadership with Christina Forner, an HR coach and leadership architect.

The Executives’ Lounge: High Powered Women in Leadership with Christine Fronner

You Don’t Have to be an Expert to be a Leader

Nikki Gianni was active military for 10 years and spent another 15 years as a civil servant working for the Department of Defense. She rose quickly into leadership positions and has a passion for learning and implementing tools and strategies that can transform teams and organizations. She is the president and leadership coach of The Leadership Architect and she supports women newly entering leadership, specifically in military, really find themselves in their ability to grow into what’s possible.

Nikki and I also touch on personal and deep life topics…the loss of her first child, abuse and alcoholism, and how being strong doesn’t always mean you have the right answers all the time or are ready to move on them right away. I hope you find Nikki as inspiring, charismatic, and caring as I did…I left our conversation feeling like I had truly made a new friend.

The sparking entrepreneur with Nikki Gianni employing win keren & subrata, leadership coaching.

The Sparkling Entrepreneur with Subrat Sahoo

The transition from a 25-year career to entrepreneur

Surbrat is joined by special guest Nikki Gianni, an experienced coach and former military leader.        

No longer available.

Nikki Gianni, a leadership expert and HR coach, helps individuals navigate the many hats they wear.

The Hats We Wear with Beth Iaciofano

All the Hats of a Military Woman Turned Coach

In this episode, Nikki and I chat about her 25-year career in the military and how it’s gotten her to this point in her life. She was in active duty in the Air Force for 10 years but spent an additional 15 years as a senior leader/consultant for the Air Force and then the Navy. She’s taken the skills she’s honed over the years and converted them into a business as a leadership coach. Her ideal clients are professionals starting out in a leadership position and entrepreneurs looking to level up their business. She wants to share her expertise and give them the confidence needed to be successful. She learned a lot during her military career and is grateful to have served for most of her adult life.

A man and woman modeling leadership by hugging in front of an international marriage poster.

Intentional Marriage with Justin & Cresta Burt

The Importance of Trust and Accountability in Leadership

Justin and Cresta are joined by special guest Nikki Gianni, an experienced coach and former military leader. They discuss the challenges and importance of effective leadership in various contexts, from corporate environments to entrepreneurial ventures. They also explore the significance of accountability and setting clear expectations for employees. Through personal anecdotes and insights.             

Lemonade legend leadership podcast logo.

Dances with Lemons Live Virtual Summit, hosted by Michelle Faust

How Nikki took tragedy and kicking it in the face

I was super excited to be a part of Dancing with Lemons, a virtual summit with 10 amazing speakers (including me!), sharing their lemons-to-lemonade stories. You will learn, laugh, and be inspired.

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The Power of No Workbook - Leadership Coaching Exercises with Nikki Gianni.